Attractions In Gdańsk

Old Town

The old town is one of Europe’s largest historical centres, and the medieval centre is around twice the size of the corresponding centre in Krakow. For those who have visited Krakow

The Shipyard

The Gdansk Shipyard has become a symbol of the town – it started functioning just after WWII on the area formerly occupied by a German shipyard, and it quickly became a symbol of Poland’s resurrection from the destructions of the war


The ZOO in Oliwa is a place you should visit not because of the huge numbers of animals but because it is a large, wild park with animals, a perfect place to go with the entire family on a day where you have just had enough of beach and culture.

St. Dominic’s Fair

Takes place every year from July 27th to August 18th. The entire inner city of Gdansk is transformed into a gigantic market where they sell handicrafts, original foodstuff and antiques. It is a unique place for a fantastic experience, and at the same time you learn something about the town and about traditional crafts, richly represented on the stalls.

Shakespeare Festival

Every year at the end of July and beginning of August. The plays are performed at different theatres and in the open air by international troupes, mainly in English.


It is famous for the Battle of Westerplatte, which was the first clash between Polish and German forces during the Invasion of Poland and thus the first battle of the European theater of World War II.

Museum of the Second World War

"It is not true that historians know all about the Second World War. It is not true that all the questions about that era have been answered. Most people are unaware of historians' ideas... We not only need works of synthesis about the Second World War, we badly need exhibitions, multimedia, ways of expanding knowledge about this cataclysm. And for this reason, this museum project is extremely welcome." Norman Davies

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